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  • October 27, 2022 6 min read 1 Comment

    Perfect gift ideas that are environmentally friendly and unique for him or her at any budget!

    Instead of giving something that will be wasted eventually, choose gifts that are not only thoughtful and different, but are better for our environment.

    Many gifts are now often labeled "green", "eco-friendly", "sustainable", or "environmentally friendly", so do ensure that the product actually does benefit the environment, whether it is reusable, or made from recycled, biodegradeable, or upcycled materials. Our list comprises of gifts from small Australian businesses to support our local communities, and carefully curated to be appreciated by anyone, but most importantly, our planet!

    Pelli Eco Beach Bag For the Eco Outdoor Adventurer

    With summer fast approaching, anyone would appreciate a sustainable beach bag with stylish designs! Lightweight yet durable, Pelli uses natural cotton canvas-based materials which dries easily, and even a waxed canvas option that's water repellent. With multiple pockets and compartments for phones, sunglasses and your water bottle and priced from $49.95, these bags are so versatile for trips anywhere, really!  

    Eco towel


    2. KE Design ECO Towel

    ECO Towels are made with RPET, an absorbent recycled yarn created from water bottles and fabric cut offs, keeping these wastes out of landfills and oceans! RPET also has half the about of carbon footprint of organic cotton. With beautiful designs printed with sustainable water-based inks, you can also get $20 off your new towel when your old one becomes worn out and return to be recycled!  From $79 each, it's the perfect gift for the beach lover - or everyday use at home!


    organic cotton sustainable backpacks

    3. Terra Thread Bags & Backpacks

    Made with organic cotton in fair trade approved factories, Terra Thread's backpacks make the perfect gift for anyone on the go. With pockets and compartments for all your essentials from water bottles to laptops, the sophisticated design together with sustainable traits make you feel better about choosing for the environment! Available in Australia from $54.95 at


    For the Sustainable Foodie:

    Organic sustainably sourced chocolates

    4. Organic Times - Especially For You Dark Chocolate Medley 

    No gift list is complete without a chocolate item - Organic Times includes a selection of 100% certified organic chocolates with from Fairtrade registered cocoa, all in a beautifully Australian-designed box, and reasonably priced from $34.95.


    Organic Native Tea

    5. Roogenic - Native Relaxation Tea

    Organic, natural, and sourced locally supporting Indigenous growers and communities with five Australian bush plants, Roogenic's Native Relaxation Tea is also delicious and relaxing. Wrapped in biodegradeable and plastic-free packaging with gorgeous design from $16.95, this is a gift that will be loved by all and the planet! 



    Curated with Conscience Eco Friendly Socially Conscious Hampers

    6. Curated With Conscience Socially Conscious Eco-Friendly Gift Hampers 

    When stuck for gift ideas, hampers work a treat, and the wonderful Michelle @ Curated With Conscience makes not only beautiful but socially purpose-driven and eco-conscious hampers with gifts from social enterprises, ethical brands, and Australian artisans. These thoughtful hampers start from $55 each so you can give meaningfully.


    For the Eco Homemaker:

    Soy and coconut wax natural candle


    7. Urban Rituelle Aromatherapy Soy & Coconut Wax Candles

    Australia made with natural soy and coconut wax and natural fibre wicks, and available in a wide variety of natural scents, these candles smell beautiful and from $26.95, make an ideal gift. The glass holder is recyclable or reuse as a pen holder! 



    Natural non-toxic organic room mist spray

    8. Freya's Nourishment - 'Smudge' Energy Clearing Room Mist

    This non-toxic, organic room mist will help you lift the energy of any space for a refreshed feeling from your home, car, or workplace. Crystal-infused with locally sourced, natural ingredients in a bottle that can be terracycled, this spray at $29 will help enhance your mood for a comforting, balanced feeling!


    For the Clean Beauty Fan:

    Vegan silk eye mask

    9. Touché – Eucalyptus Vegan Silk™ Eye Mask

    Anyone can use better quality sleep, right? This soft, sustainable, and hypoallegnic eye mask is breathable and lightweight so that your loved one can have a better night's sleep. Beautiful, vegan, and comfortable for $35, any recipient of this gift would appreciate your thoughtfulness.



    Eco beauty box

    10. Us and the Earth – Eco Beauty Box

    The ultimate sustainable self-care gift set to turn your beauty routine zero waste with reusable and recycled products including a bamboo toothbrush, sisal exfoliating glove, sisal soap saver, hemp facial rounds, crystal roller bottle, konjac sponges, and more! A practical, eco-friendly gift to show your loved ones that reducing and reusing is easier than they think!


    Recyclable sustainable organic lip balm

    11. LESSE - Soothing Lip Balm

    Who doesn't use lip balm? But think about all those plastic tubes that end up in landfill. Enter LESSE with their lip balm in a 100% recyclable paper tube, plus organic ingredients to hydrate, soothe, and soften the lips. Feel better about keeping your lips moist, sustainably! 



    For Eco Well-Being:

    Sustainable yoga ball

    12. Second Earth - 2E ‘Release’ Massage Ball

    This sustainable massage ball made of 100% cork is designed to target different pressure points on your body to release tension and aches. Priced at $19.95, it makes the perfect Kris Kringle or Secret Santa gift.



    Insulated Stainless Steel Sustainable Bottle

    13. made by Fressko Insulated Stainless Steel CORE 1L Infuser Flask

    Stylish design and sustainable materials, this insulated flask comes with a 2-in-1 filter to brew or infuse your tea or water. Light, vacuum sealed to keep your drink hot or cold, this bottle is sure to outlast others that were not designed or made to last as long! Stay hydrated with this versatile reusable bottle for any season, anywhere!



    For the Eco Office:

    Plantable seeded calendar

    14. Turquoise Creative – Plantable Seeded Calendar

    While we try to avoid and reduce single-use paper products here at Paper Saver HQ, we loved the ingenius idea of Turquoise Creative's Plantable Seeded Calendar. It ticks our boxes in that it is practical and useful, lasts a full year, and best of all, you can plant a variety of beautiful new flowers of different colours at the end of each month as you finish the month's plantable seeded sheet! At $55, this is a waste-free product that can continue to be enjoyed after the end of the product's life through the blossoms of the seeded pages.


    Paper Saver Reusable Eco Notebooks for reusing and organiser paper to reduce waste

    15. Paper Saver Reusable Notebook

    The Paper Saver is the stylish, practical, and organised way to reuse paper by repurposing and upcycling your paper as pages so you can easily write notes on the back blank sides. Reduce waste, reuse elegantly without the need to constantly re-shuffle paper around on your clipboard and clear the paper clutter from your desk!

    When paper and notebooks are still such a prominent part of both work and school, why keep wasting these single-use items made from valuable natural resources when you can reuse the paper from your work or kids as notebook pages, and eliminating two wasteful single-use everyday items?

    Available from $24.95 for the Canvas range or $29.90 for the Classic range. Personalised options available too.


    Clean & Organic Skin & Body Care:

    Natural sustainable body wash

    16. The Australian Natural Soap Company - Soaps and Hand & Body Wash

    Made from non-toxic ingredients and certified cruelty free, The Australian Natural Soap Company offers a range of beautifully and naturally essential oil scented soaps and washes.  Take your pick from their range of luxury soap bars, or hand & body washes packaged in glass or recyclable materials. Priced from $9.95 to $34.95 for any gifting occasion!


    Sustainable organic natural bath soak

    17. Clemence Organics - Rosehip + French Clay Bath Soak

    Help your family and friends relax and rejuvenate with a natural bath soak that helps soothe, detoxify, and restore. Formulated by a naturopath, the ingredients include rosehip fruit extracts, French clay, mineral salts and organic essential oils for a beautiful natural scent that benefits your skin and muscles. Best of all, comes in biodegradeable packaging! How can anyone not love this?


    Organic Calendula Cream Balm

    18. Nourished Skin Co - Organic Calendula Balm

    The organic certified multi-functional balm that can be use as a hand cream, or anywhere that's feeling a bit dry and needs some hydration. Lightweight yet soothing, Nourished Skin Co's Organic Calendula Balm is uses plant-based ingredients, and once you're done, it can also be refilled!  The team will sanitise, relabel and send your jar back to you so we can protect our planet better.


    We hope this list has inspired you to see how easy it is to choose sustainable gifts suitable for anyone!

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    May 25, 2023

    Eco-friendly gifts are a great way to show your appreciation for the environment and your loved ones. Whether you’re shopping for a fashionista or an outdoor enthusiast, there are plenty of options for finding the perfect eco-friendly gift.

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