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The Paper Saver began as a solution to the same problem you have - too much paper waste.

Australian architect and Paper Saver founder Jon Yong was tired of seeing sheets of printed draft designs become obsolete almost as soon as they were printed.

Upcycled and repurposed paper used as pages in the Paper Saver Reusable Notebook to reduce paper waste, providing an endless supply of pages, removing the need for new notebook after notebook.

Seeing all the perfectly back blank sides of the paper, he knew he could put the waste paper to greater use before throwing into the recycling bin, thus igniting the light bulb moment to create the Paper Saver.

Given how much the environment is impacted to produce the paper we use so freely, Jon soon realised the Paper Saver wasn't only a solution to his problem; it could help others reduce their paper waste as well.

Trained in design and also a stationery enthusiast, Jon researched notebooks to design one that would be stylish and practical with materials made to last; the perfect notebook to write comfortably in again and again, with an easy way to insert and replenish the repurposed paper.

More importantly, the Paper Saver would change an everyday habit that creates so much waste to become more sustainable for our environment. ​

45,000 litres of water is required to make one tonne of recycled paper.

The Paper Saver addresses the importance of reducing and reusing before recycling, rather than becoming another eco friendly notebook made from recycled paper.  We took the approach by asking, how else can paper and notebooks, destined to be wasted, be reused to stop the never-ending waste cycle?

Since establishing in 2015 in Melbourne, Australia, we remain committed to making an eco notebook that will change the way you think about how you can help make the world a greener, more reusable place. The Paper Saver Reusable Notebook is easy to use and refill with your repurposed paper to write your notes and ideas comfortably while reducing waste to be more kind to our planet.

How the Paper Saver has helped our customers write better, more sustainable notes, while reducing waste

The Paper Saver Eco Notebook repurposes your paper as pages so you can write notes and ideas sustainably, reducing your paper waste.

"I love writing by hand. Alternative electronic devices that are supposed to 'feel like paper' frustrate me. Nothing feels more like paper than real paper. I used to get recycled notebooks, but finding the Paper Saver was the perfect solution to end notebook wastage!" - Susana K., happy customer.


"The Paper saver was exactly what I needed for the used paper I save. There's no other notebook like it." - Cara D., happy customer.


"I've had my Paper Saver for over 5 years and it is still like brand new. It's so well designed and made, and so nice to write in!" - Louisa, happy customer.


"I accumulate paper without even trying - my home and office are drowning in paper! I could use the Paper Saver for the rest of life and never need to buy more notebooks." - K.B. happy customer.


"I love reusing my own paper for my notebook. So versatile, convenient, and good for the environment." - Margaret, happy customer.

The Paper Saver provides you with a premium, well-designed reusable alternative to your everyday writing experience that reduces your waste so you can feel better living more sustainably. 

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