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Paper Saver Refillable Pens

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Why throw countless single-use plastic pens into landfill when you can write with a reusable pen, again and again?

Writing with the Paper Saver Refillable Pen will help reduce the 140 million disposable plastic pens that go into landfill in Australia alone, and 10 billion globally, each year.

The Paper Saver Refillable Pen is reusable and made primarily of bamboo to be:

∙ Durable - as strong as wood, yet light in weight

∙ Sustainable - as bamboo requires very little water to grow, can self-generate from its own roots, and is fast-growing

∙ Biodegradeable (remove top and tip of pen for recycling first)

Our planet doesn't need another disposable plastic pen, so start writing comfortably and sustainably with the Paper Saver Refillable Pen now!

Product Features

∙ Made primarily of bamboo, which is light and durable against spills and wear & tear (unlike other eco pens made of paper or cardboard)

∙ Top and tip of pen made of recycled plastics

∙ Black ink

∙ Refillable - see Paper Saver Reusable Pen Refills

∙ Colour of pen may vary slightly due to the natural condition of different bamboos

Please note:

Paper Saver Reusable Refills sold separately

∙ Accessories and Paper Saver Reusable Notebooks in photos are not included

Size & Dimensions

Dimensions: 139mm x 10mm (excluding clip)

Warranty & Returns

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee from the original date of purchase.

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