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  • February 01, 2023 3 min read

    Looking for ideas for Valentine's Day that are better for the environment? Whether you plan on celebrating Valentine's Day with your partner, with family or friends, or even as a day for yourself for some self-care and 'me' time, here's a quick guide to celebrate this special day in a more eco-friendly way with less waste.

    Instead of giving flowers for Valentine's Day, opt for live potted plants that will continue to give flowers

    1. Instead of flowers that will go to waste in a week, give a pot plant that will live and give flowers continuously!

    Flowers on Valentine's Day are not only generally much more expensive, but are then destined for the compost (or rubbish) heap within a week. There are better ways of gifting flowers - you can give already-planted and potted flowers to add some greenery and natural beauty to your home all year round; or, why not buy some seeds and plant in your garden and watch it grow together? Just make sure the seeds you choose are appropriate for planting in the right season!


    Make your own card, digitally or as an arts and crafts project

    2. DIY Valentine's Day card instead of buying a card, digitally or get crafty

    Having been together with Jon for over 10 years, we have a pile of old Valentine's Day cards, birthday cards, anniversary cards, etc. that we used to give each other in the early years of our relationship, now stashed away in an old box in the cardboard. While holding sentimental value, it is actually quite wasteful. So, why not make your own?

    If you are a crafty type of person, you can make it extra special with your personal touch. Otherwise, it is just as easy to make one digitally with free and easy-to-use online tools such as Canva. Turn your Valentine's message into a social media post, postcard, or your own printed card!


    Fairtrade organic chocolates are a more sustainable choice

    3. Choose ethically sourced chocolates and sweets

    After flowers and cards, chocolates and sweets are usually the next most popular item of choice for Valentine's Day. Try locally and responsibly made chocolates sourced from Fairtrade cocoa farmers like Loving Earth (vegan-friendly based in Melbourne), Loco Love (organic chocolates from Byron Bay), or give The Carob Kitchen (Australian Organic Certified carob, the caffeine-free alternative to chocolate, grown in South Australia) a try.

    Why Fairtrade? Choosing chocolates from Fairetrade cocoa farmers means that they are paid a Fairtrade minimum price to ensure they can sustain their supplies for the future against supply and demand fluctuations and improve production. Read more about it here.


    Eco tours and experiences are a great alternative to presents and gifts

    4. ... or pick a meaningful sustainable gift with a difference.

    Whether your partner is an outdoor adventurer, eco homemaker, clean beauty fan, or you're after more foodie ideas, check out our guide to eco-friendly gifts here.

    Experiences are also a wonderful gifting choice to create happy longlasting memories together instead, and there are great eco tours available around our beautiful country, such as Seals by Sea Tours in VIC, eco vineyard trails in SA, native experiences in WA, Aboriginal art workshops in NT, diving adventures in QLD, or indigenous tours in ACT.


    Enjoy a special meal at home 5. Enjoy a special meal at home

    Wining and dining has its perks, but on Valentine's Day, you're often forced to order from a set menu and leave by a certain time. A homecooked meal can not only help you avoid all that, but the personal touch you can add makes it extra special! Take your time, relax, and enjoy the peacefulness and comfort of your own home!


    Byron Bay Candles Soy

    6. Get some eco-friendly candles to create a romantic atmosphere

    Byron Bay Candles have a beautiful range of pure soy wax candles with a natural blend of essential oils derived completely from plants that will relax your senses for the celebration. Best of all, it's refillable so that you can reuse for other nights in!


    Eating less meat is better for the environment7. Choose a Valentine's Day meal with less meat, or even go meat free!

    Meat consumption is actually not good for the environment as it is responsible for more than 14% of all man-made greenhouse gases globally including methane

    If you decide on the homecooked meal, Cookie + Kate have a delicious collection of vegetarian recipes that will even change the way carnivores think about meatless meals!


    Enjoy nature together on a walk, hike, or picnic

    8. Enjoy the great outdoors!

    If you and your other half are outdoor adventurers, enjoy our beautiful national parks with a hike together.

    Not the hiking type like me? We still like to enjoy the great outdoors with easy trails and finish off with a picnic. 

    It's the perfect opportunity to really turn off and take in the joy of nature together with your partner!


    Have a wonderful and sustainable Valentine's Day! 

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