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  • December 07, 2021 2 min read

    So it's almost Christmas again, and you've outdone yourself in getting sustainable presents or other items that you think and hope their recipients will like and find useful.  

    Then the time comes to wrap the perfect gifts you have chosen - but wrapping paper does go against the ethos of everything we work for here at Paper Saver.  So, we're sharing some zero waste gift wrapping solutions we have used successfully that still enable you to present beautifully wrapped gifts, the eco-friendly way.

    The Paper Saver's zero waste, environmentally friendly gift wrapping ideas.

    1. Upcycle Paper Bags

    This is by far my favourite way to gift presents - all the paper bags accumulated in our closet from shopping, takeaway and food deliveries, and presents I have received myself, repurposed and reused for presents that I'm now giving to family and friends.

    ✅ Clears my closet space

    ✅ Aligns with my sustainable living ethos

    ✅ Zero waste - waste-free gift wrapping

    ✅ Saves $$

    ✅ Hassle-free gift wrapping - just pop the present inside!

    Have a zero waste Christmas with waste free gift wrapping ideas

    2. Tea Towels

    As more and more people become aware of the amount of waste they are creating through single-use items such as wrapping paper, a popular way around this is to wrap presents with something that is usable.  And with so many fancy designs, tea towels meet the criteria for both beautiful presentation and practicality!  Unwrap the present inside AND make use of the tea towel - almost like two presents in one! 

    Some retailers now offer fabric wrapping, which is also great for encouraging a more reusable world. 

    Use a tea towel to wrap presents as eco friendly gift wrapping ideas - useful and waste-free!

    3. Reusable Bags

    Always useful to have one handy, reusable bags ensures we don't need to buy or waste any plastic bags at the shops - so why not pop your present inside one as "wrapping" and encourage your family and friends to discover a more reusable world?

    Some faves:

    Uniqlo's Eco-Friendly Bag - chic and simple, you can even use as an everyday tote bag for the quick grocery run. 100% cotton and washable.

    Ladelle Eco-Friendly Recycled Mesh Produce Bags - earthy, gorgeous eco bags for gifts then use for their original purpose - produce shopping bags, replacing the plastic freezer bags. Other colours and patterns also available.

    Adairs Reusable Bags - most retailers offer a range of reusable bags these days, but I particularly love Adairs' beautifully designed range.  Perfect for larger sized gifts and inspiring reusability. 

    Who wouldn't want a present that comes in a reusable bag with a stylish design?

    4. Reuse Boxes 

    Who hasn't done online shopping over the past couple of years?  Most items are delivered in good-sized boxes suitable to upcycle and re-box gifts. 

    If you're big on presentation, like me, tie some twine (made from natural fibres that are biodegradable and recyclable, rather than the standard plastic or polyester ribbon) around the box for a rustic, added "wow" factor.

     Have a waste free Christmas by repurposing your delivery boxes from online shopping and upcycle them with your personal eco-friendly touch.


    5. And if you really have no other options...

    Gift bags or boxes made from recycled materials and are also recyclable.  Most of us tend to store the gift bags or boxes we receive somewhere after the unwrapping, so at least you know it'll be repurposed and reused! 

    Try to avoid wrapping paper if possible, as it really is a single-use item that is almost impossible to reuse.


    Have a safe, sustainable Christmas! :)

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